Underfloor Store - Generate 2500+ ROAS From PPC

Underfloor Store is an exclusive and leading distributor of underfloor heating solutions and components from popular brands. Their products include wet underfloor heating systems, electric underfloor heating mats, thermostats, controllers, and other related accessories. When it comes to underfloor heating, they have been the go-to source for customers for more than 25 years.


The client required a customized E-commerce store to showcase their key products and increase ad revenue and sales. The company planned to expand its online presence and increase its sales revenue. The client approached our agency with tasks to improve their online visibility, increase website traffic and conversions, and drive sales further. The client required a comprehensive eCommerce solution including design, development, hosting, SEO, and PPC.

The solutions we implemented included designing and developing a robust e-commerce store, optimizing the landing pages, campaign strategies, setting up a shopping campaign, optimizing shopping feeds, and search engine optimization, setup dynamic retargeting.

1 Designing E-commerce Store:

Evo Mark developed a fully intuitive and user-friendly unique, intuitive and user-friendly eCommerce store. We designed a fully-functional, standard, and visually appealing website with a layout that is easily navigational. Our designers integrated flawless shopping carts and a secure payment gateway allowing their visitors to select items and checkout with ease.

Key Technology Used: SCWshop

We analyzed their requirements, current web properties, resources, and other data and concluded that the SCWshop platform was an ideal solution for their needs. With the help of the SCWshop platform, our own flagship eCommerce website builder, we met all details and customization requests of the client.

Key Functionalities Added: Product pages with descriptions, CTA, Shopping Cart, Checkout page, Payment Gateway, Customer Support with Online Chat, Mobile compatibility, and Security functions.

2 SEO Optimization

The website was then tested and optimized for SEO. Our focus was to excel in all areas to beat the competition.
Key SEO checks: Tags, headers, Technical errors, URLs, Website structure, Alt texts, substantial and quality content, mobile compatibility, Image optimization, keywords, and more.

3 PPC Marketing:

From developing the ad to monitoring its performance, our advanced PPC services handled all the steps involved in their PPC marketing process. Our agency stands in sharp contrast to others that employ black-box techniques in paid advertisements. We only used transparent and fair paid advertising techniques based on our unique KPIs.
Key PPC strategies deployed: Campaign development, Google Ads, testing, Dynamic Retargeting,

4 Google Analytics 4 Setup

We have migrated their website from Universal analytics to Google Analytics 4 and have fully set up GA4 on their web property. With GA4, the client can now enjoy improved customer tracking, more detailed user-engagement analytics, and a more relevant audience for ad campaigns.


With the help of the SCWshop platform, the Evo Mark team was able to create a unique website that met all of the client’s needs and expectations and provided a seamless shopping experience for their customers. Evo Mark’s meticulous understanding of web trends, utilization of the latest web design and development strategies, and expertise in SEO, PPC, and digital marketing further benefited the client. The results were obvious.

The client has reported increased traffic to their site, improved ad revenue, and a surge in sales after onboarding us for their e-commerce store.


Quarterly Results: Last Quarter 2022

  • In the last quarter of 2022, the client’s revenue from ads was £80,808
  • The conversion rate was 10.82% which is well above the industry standard for this category.
  • The return on ad spend (ROAS) was a whopping 4144.

Yearly Results: 2022

  • In 2022, the client’s revenue from ads was £1,23,954
  • The conversion rate was 7.56%.
  • The return on ad spend (ROAS) was 2671%.
  • Underfloor Store is posting better results each quarter and our overall strategy seems working fine. We project their continuous and consistent growth on all fronts. The client’s investment in their online presence has paid off substantially and they are witnessing great growth on all fronts.

We continue to monitor, manage and optimize their store with a 360-degree improvement parameter.