Laravel Brevo Mail

A quick package for the Laravel aficionados out there, this one adds support for using Brevo (formerly SendInBlue) as the application mailer. This means all you have to do is add your api token to your .env file, change one setting and away you go!

composer require evo-mark/evo-laravel-brevo

Your Laravel application should now automatically load the package’s service provider.


// .env
BREVO_API_KEY="<your api token here>"
// config/mail.php
'mailers' => [
'brevo' => [
'transport' => 'brevo',

and there you have it. Your transactional mail will now send through your Brevo account.

Part of evoMark's contribution to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

To read more about evoMark and our open-source software, head to our Open-Source Software page

composer require evo-mark/evo-laravel-brevo
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